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We believe that a better world is possible through engineering. We know that integrity, respect, courage, and humility are vital in overcoming the challenges our world faces. 


We believe that a systematic approach to engineering enables the best results. The KPEG approach utilizes the design spiral and chunking methodology. The combination of these analytical methods allow us to continually make progress through iterative segmentation of complex systems. 

At KPE Global, safety is the anchor of our company.  The KPEG culture emphasizes safety as an intentional habit in every activity that we do - whether we are providing field support, working at the office, or spending time at home with our families.  Our goal at KPEG is simple - ZERO safety incidents. 

We believe in giving back. KPE Global has a proud history of service above self as active duty and reserve military officers, low income teaching volunteers, and healthcare and capacity building efforts in Western Africa.

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