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Core Values


We believe that a better world is possible through engineering. We know that integrity, respect, courage, and humility are vital in overcoming the challenges our world faces. 


Integrity, because our own interests are not the extents of our responsibilites.


Respect, because collobration is key to addressing complex issues and optimizing solutions.


Courage, because making the right call isn't always the easy call.


Humility, because sometimes the best idea isn't our idea.


Our Vision is to be the best engineering design and consultancy firm by producing extraordinary results for our customers, creating a challenging, rewarding, yet balanced working environment for our team, and maximizing profitability with hard work and integrity.


The principles and values below are the foundation of our business.  When all eight of these individual principles and values are collectively solidified as the mindset of KPEG, we believe that we will have the necessary tools to achieve or vision.


  • Ethics
  • Teamwork
  • Relationships
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Perspective
  • Balance
  • Determination


In all that we do, we promise to:


Operate with integrity: We pledge to always conduct our business with the highest level of ethics.  Our strong moral compass guides all of our business decisions.


Give Respect to Others: In order to get respect, first, we must give respect – to everyone.  We view everyone as equal, and treat all colleagues with dignity.


Demonstrate a Growth Mindset: We purposefully set the bar high.  High expectations yield high results.  We strive for improvement individually and a team.


Have a Listening and Learning Attitude:First, we seek to understand and learn from others.  We have an ‘Ask Why’ mentality, so that we can constantly expand our knowledge.


Work Hard: Our effort is second to none.  We love to hustle. We have gumption.  We always keep the goal in mind.



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