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KPEG’s Safety Approach


At KPE Global, safety is the anchor of our company. The KPEG culture emphasizes safety as an intentional habit in every activity that we do - whether we are providing field support, working at the office, or spending time at home with our families. Our goal at KPEG is simple - ZERO safety incidents.


Keeping the goal in mind, KPEG is committed to relentlessly striving to find the safest path forward. At the end of the day, our greatest assets and what we care most about at KPEG is our colleagues, friends, and family. Safety is an intricate part of our lifestyle, and it absolutely must be! Above all, our number one goal is for everyone to go home safely to his or her family each day. Thus, safety comes first at KPEG.


KPEG’s Infernal Safety Program


Leadership and Management Safety

Safety at KPEG encompasses three distinct and integral parts. Firstly, our commitment to an effective safety policy starts at the top with the leadership and management of our founding partners. In our KPEG HSE Policy, our partners have described our expectations with regard to Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance and conduct. This high-level document outlines a list of “We will” statements that we feel are essential business protocols for providing employee safety and protecting the environment. Each partner has signed and endorsed the policy, ensuring our 100% commitment and accountability to a safe working environment and clean environment.


CARE 100


Secondly, KPEG actively participates in CARE 100, an initiative launched by KPEG to help nurture a workplace free from injuries and safety incidents. Implemented by KPEG partners, CARE 100 is a hands-on safety program led by KPEG team members that is designed to proactively assess the working environment of each job. Once analyzed, records of positive safety practices and conditions as well as those that present possible risks or hazards are documented in order to measure the working atmosphere. For any possible risks or hazards documented, proper mitigation steps must be identified that eliminate that risk or hazard. No job is to be done unless all risks and hazards can be appropriately mitigated so that the work environment is deemed safe.


A second aspect of CARE 100 includes team-building activities and exercises to help foster a family environment. At KPEG, family comes first, and so we strive to create a family-like atmosphere with all contributing team members on a project. Our goal is to establish meaningful, caring relationships among our team so that we care not only about the safety of ourselves, but we also care about the safety of our team members – just as we do for our family members at home.


Positive Recognition and Safety Learning

Thirdly, KPEG acknowledges and rewards clients, projects, teams, and individuals who have noticeably reinforced our expectations for HSE quality performance. We believe high expectations yields high results. We track our safety progress, measure it, and if expectations are met, we are most excited to formally recognize all members who contributed to our safety expectations.


Additionally, KPEG is constantly educating all team members on all and any subject matters safety related in our industry, home, and social circles. Invariably, we believe ALL safety incidents can be avoided. Knowledge is power, and so we have made a meaningful investment in our safety training program at KPEG to ensure our team is always aware and informed.

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