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Oil and Gas


KPE Global can assist large intergrated oil companies and smaller single terminal companies alike in creating smart solutions. KPEG has noticed nearly every company stuggles with the same issues; loading rack injection issues, vapor recovery issues, PLC and Automation challenges, keeping product off the ground, maintaining equipment,  keeping asphalt hot, and putting together a decent project.  From our experience, the odds are failry high we can put together a robust solution for you. 


KPEG's reach is great with our projects seen from Qatar to California.  With offices in Florida and Houston, KPEG has the capibility  to cover the Carribean, Southeast, and Gulf of Mexico quickly and further international projects with fast lead times. 


We are experts in the following areas: 

1. Jet Fuel:  Including filtation, storage, water defence, floating suctions, API 1595.

2. Load Racks and Vapor Control: Combusters or Recovery Units, and all aspects of ratio blending and additive injection. 

3. Offloading facilities:  either truck or rail or ship.  

4. LNG tanks: LNG shipping, and cyrogenic piping systems. Moss and Membrane.

5, PLC and Automation work:  Extensive experience Allen Bradley PLC's, GE, Siemens, and others.

6. Metering solutions: Ultrasonic, PD, Turbine. 


 If you own or operate any O&G assets, you're probably struggling in one of the areas above.  Contact us for a proposal today! 


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