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KPE Global has experience on nearly every type of commercial ship. Our background began at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, a school dedicated to the marine industry, and all three Principals love the marine industry; enough to reference our company's name after America's foremost maritime university.  Each principal has a curent USCG Unlimited HP License and the technical know how to execute successful projects in this industry.


KPE Global has executed projects ranging from ship acquisition, to conversions, to energy efficiency upgrades for cargo, military, and passenger ships ranging from 500 to 130,000 GRT.


With successful operational, refit, conversion, and newbuild experience, KPE Global is well positioned to help you rise to the challenges your fleet faces.


We excell at HVAC, electrical, auxiliary systems design, machinery and general arrangements, fire and safety plans, and shipbuilding specifications for conversions and newbuilds.

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